Complex deals can involve thousands of questions, which must be tracked and answered quickly and securely. If you’re using spreadsheets, emails or another outside method to handle your inquiries, you already understand the stress and frustration involved. Who sees your documents? Who is authorized to answer? How do you track it all? 

Ready for a simple, straightforward and secure Q&A process? Introducing SecureDocs new Q&A tool designed to make the Q&A process fast, easy, and manageable.

How it Works

By enabling the Q&A function in your SecureDocs virtual data room, you can finally control the Q&A process promptly and effectively. The steps couldn’t be simpler. Simply turn on the Q&A option in your settings menu and select your Q&A Admin from the drop-down menu.  

Once enabled, the Q&A tab will appear, and designated administrators can manage everything from one centralized location. Authorized users can ask questions from folders they have been granted access using the document viewer or the Q&A tab.  Email alerts are sent whenever a question is asked, and answers can be posted within the body of the email or through the Q&A tab.



Centralized and Streamlined

The Published Questions options can also be used for FAQs or repeated inquiries. When selecting “publish question”, all users with access to the Q&A tool can see the information, making it easy to share information with multiple parties and dispense without the tedious process of answering repetitive questions individually.


Simple and Secure

The Q&A function speeds up the due diligence process by putting all questions into one centralized repository. In addition, the ability to answer questions in real time means there’s virtually no lag time between an inquiry and a response. You can also ensure all your questions and answers are safe and secure, by managing who can ask questions, who can answer, and who can see the results.

The SecureDocs Customer Success Team is standing by to help you learn more about our latest features. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more.

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