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Invest in Data Security, Your Client List Depends On It


Data security has become one of the most important issues of this century. With identity and data theft, online fraud, and public and private sector network breaches occurring on a regular basis, it is not surprising that consumers are extremely concerned about their privacy and the safekeeping of personal data. Despite these valid concerns, people are routinely asked to provide personal information via online forms for all sorts of things, such as job applications, the purchase of goods and services, or booking travel arrangements. Most individuals readily type in personal details, including a home address, credit card number, and even a social security number without much thought or hesitation.


Although consumers certainly have a responsibility to exercise caution when providing private data, the reality is that most people are accustomed to sharing personal information online, and in most cases, doing so doesn’t cause any serious problems. It can be hard for a consumer to gauge which websites may be fraudulent or the degree of security associated with an online portal. Because of this, it is important for companies to ensure that they are investing in secure IT systems that are engineered to prevent data theft and protect confidential information that their clients entrust to them. 


Companies that experience a data breach, regardless of whether it is a fairly minor incursion or a substantial invasion, almost always lose the trust, and consequently the business, of a large number of clients. Even companies that attempt to retroactively regain their credibility with clients, for example by providing free identity or credit monitoring services, may not fare well because their actions indicate that security was an afterthought, and not an initial consideration, as it should have been.


There are a lot of misconceptions about the amount of time and money that a company has to invest in highly secure IT solutions such as a data room. Here are three common yet erroneous beliefs and some important reasons to reevaluate them:


False: "There is really no way to protect data, so spending time and money trying to is pointless."


True: With so many hackings and security breaches taking place, a lot of folks have become cynical about the security of technology. This pessimism can lead to apathy and lackadaisical security standards, which of course, may just result in more security breaches.


Even though company data succumbing to a security breach is a very real possibility, it is not a foregone conclusion. There are online data rooms available that employ stringent security measures, such as advanced data encryption and two-factor authentication. And, contrary to popular belief, investing in such a service does not have to break the budget.


SecureDocs Tip: It may require a bit of time in the beginning to find the right solution, but it is well worth it in the long run because data breaches can be quite costly and may even lead to bankruptcy and dissolution.


False: "Sophisticated IT systems are expensive and difficult to implement and maintain."


True: It is because of the frequency of attacks along with client demand for privacy that many technology startups are committed to providing business solutions with security as a top priority. Companies that take the time to peruse their data storage options will be pleased to learn that there are affordable and effective services available.


SecureDocs Tip: It is far more expensive and difficult for a company to deal with the aftermath of a data breach than it is to invest in a sophisticated data room from the outset.


False: "Company employees and clients can’t or don’t want to learn new systems."


True: Utilizing an online data room is probably a lot easier than people realize. Savvy tech leaders recognize that businesses want to and need to work as efficiently and securely as possible. As a result, there are data rooms purposely tailored for rapid set up and usability.


SecureDocs Tip: Take a proactive approach to combat hackers, choose a easy-to-use and secure solution that will not only ensure you and your clients the highest level of data security, but help you look professional at all times.





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