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SecureDocs Market Insights By The Numbers: January 15, 2016

Market Insights By The Numbers October 23

Here is the January 15th issue of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's Market Insights By the Numbers. A weekly review of top industry transactions, security news, insights into the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, and a weekly wrap up of complementary resources, courtesy of SecureDocs. Enjoy!


Fundraising and Transaction News


US$271.4 Billion 

That's the amount that private equity funds raked in last year. So while PE took a back seat to other forms of fundraising in 2015, don't expect that trend to continue into 2016. This year, expect PE to make some serious noise in backing new deals, there is significant money that needs to be spent! [Forbes]


US$28.2 Billion

That's how much U.S. venture capital firms raised in 2015. While that number may sound impressive we think it is important to point out that $28.2 Billion is actually a 9% decrease from 2014. Add that to the 6% drop in the number of actual funds last year, and it's pretty clear that overall VC fundraising activity was not as impressive last year as the year previous. [Pensions & Investments


UK£3.4 Billion

That's how much capital the U.K./Ireland raised during 2015, that's more than any other European region. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for the region in 2016. [PitchBook]


US$2 Billion

That's the amount the Uber Technologies has received from Chinese investors. Bravo Uber! But what we find more interesting than China's commitment to Uber is China's commitment to non-financial foreign direct investment, which is up 6.4%, and that number seems to just keep going up-regardless of the state of the economy.  [Retuers]


EU€330 Million

That's how much Adyen, one of Europe's biggest fintech start-ups annual revenue grew to in 2015-which is double what it was in 2014. This only supports the recent buzz around fintech, and makes it one industry to watch this year. [Retuers


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