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SecureDocs Market Insights By The Numbers: November 13, 2015

Market Insights By The Numbers October 23

13Here is the November 13th issue of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's Market Insights By the Numbers. A weekly review of top industry transactions, security news, insights into the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, and a weekly wrap up of complementary resources, courtesy of SecureDocs. Enjoy!


Fundraising and Transaction News


$10 Billion

That's the amount of money startups in Eurpoe are on track to raise in investments this year, An impressive $3B from 2014. Add that to their 10 new unicorn companies, over 5,500 angel investors, and 100 tech IPOs in teh past 5 years, well, it's a good time to me in the European startup game! (


$6.8 Billion

That’s the amount associated with M&A activity in the SaaS space so far this year, which is down 40% from 2014. However, the median acquisition was worth $410M, compared to $193M in 2014. So, even though buyers aren’t buying as frequently this year, they are spending more when they do.  (


$350 Million

That’s how much the apparently now failed deal between Theranos and Safeway to provide blood testing service through Safeway installed clinics was reportedly worth. Theranos disputes the claim, but it appears that the deal is dead, at this point anyway. (BioPharmaDive)


$105 Million

That’s the amount that one of the world’s newest Unicorns, online education startup Udacity, raised this week. Bringing the four year old company’s total venture Investment to $160M from a total of 13 investors. (


$70 Million

That’s the amount in White Star Capital’s latest fund in search of tech companies outside the US. The group will be based in New York, Montreal, and London, but will have an eye on Europe. (Financial Times)


Security News


100 Million

That’s the number of JP Morgan Chase & Co customers who reportedly had their information stolen during the largest bank hack in US history. On Tuesday, U.S. Prosecutors brought charges against three men for the criminal attack that allegedly targeted 12 companies, including 9 financial institutions and media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal.  (

 Securedocs Virtual Data Room Insights


That’s is how SecureDocs clients have complete transparency into their data room. Audit-trail reporting allows administrators to see all the user activity in the data room, useful for gauging investor and partner interest as well as assisting in the maintenance for a compliant environment.



That's the percentage of SecureDocs virtual data room users that have 2 factor authentication turned on to prevent hackers from stealing trade secrets, contracts, and other company information in Securedocs.

Dropbox VS. Virtual data rooms