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SecureDocs Market Insights By The Numbers: November 20, 2015

Market Insights By The Numbers October 23

Here is the November 20th issue of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's Market Insights By the Numbers. A weekly review of top industry transactions, security news, insights into the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, and a weekly wrap up of complementary resources, courtesy of SecureDocs. Enjoy!

 Fundraising and Transaction News


$165.3 Billion

That's the amount of capital that US-based VC's have invested in European companies so far this year. This echos the rapidly increasing trend of US-based investors and acquiring companies looking abroad-where they can get more "bang for their buck" due to the strong value of the dollar coupled with increasing costs associated with domestic equities. (PitchBook)


$1.97 Billion

That's the amount that big VC's have thrown into seed investments so far this year, which is already up from the $1.95 billion invested during all of 2014. But even with the increase in funds, the number of companies on the receiving end is dwindling. Meaning, fewer companies are actually getting seed funding from the big VC's, but the ones that are will see significant investment. (PitchBook)


$12.2 Billion

That's how much in cash and stock Marriott International is reportedly spending in order to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts. This acquisition will increase the number of rooms in Marriott's portfolio by 50%, making them the largest hotel company in the world. The deal is expected to close sometime next year. But what about the Starwood loyalty program? (CNBC)


$200 Million

That’s the amount in Andreesseen Horowitz's new AH Bio Fund. It's focused on companies at the intersection of computer and life sciences. Leading the charge for the new fund is new AH's new general partner, Vijay Pande, a biomedical scientist and former Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. This is yet another example of the upward trend in overall life science investment.  (TechCrunch)


23 Unicorns

That's the number of venture-backed companies that joined the unicorn club in Q3 of 2015. Which is more than two times the number of unicorns produced in Q3 of 2014, and means that a new unicorn was added to the club every four days in Q3! (CB Insights)


 SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Insights


Permission-Based User Roles

SecureDocs clients can create unique permission based user profiles based on folders that they should have access to. Allowing them to set up either "individual roles" or "group roles" with any combination of No Access, View-only for PDF & Office documents, Download/Print access, or Full access. And, most importantly, giving them granular access control of the data room.



That's the number of SecureDocs non-admin users with a custom user role. This means that they have been assigned a unique permission profile based on the folders that a user should have access to. 

Dropbox VS. Virtual data rooms