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SecureDocs Market Insights By The Numbers: November 6, 2015

Market Insights By The Numbers October 23

Here is the November 6th issue of SecureDocs Virtual Data Room's Market Insights By the Numbers. A weekly review of top industry transactions, security news, insights into the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, and a weekly wrap up of complementary resources, courtesy of SecureDocs. Enjoy!

Fundraising and Transaction News


$4.4 Billion 

That's the amount of money raised by venture capital firms in the third quarter of 2015. Although that is down from 2014, 2015 is still a solid year, on track to finish substantially higher than funds raised 2007-2013.  (National Venture Capital Association)


$12.9 Billion

That’s the amount invested in Series A companies this year, which is almost the same amount invested in all of 2014. Not only that, but the average investment for Series A and seed is creeping up. It’s good to be the new kid on the block. (Pitchbook) 


$17.8 Billion

That’s how much Walgreens is buying Rite Aid Pharmacy for pending approval from the Feds.  When startups grow up, they get married or adopt children.  (New York Times)


$9.5 Billion

European investors are shedding off their Old World reputation and investing heavily in startups. The sharp increase in investment, however, went to fewer companies, as well known startups like Spotify siphoned up more than their share and ironically may make it harder for the next Spotify to succeed. (Silicon Republic)


$200 Million

In Australia, Seek co-founder Paul Bassat has started a $200 million venture capital fund with backing from James Packer, The Australian Financial Review reports. Australia has a growing list of successful startups along with big time successes like Atlassian. Australia has a better Opera House, and bigger sharks than Silicon Valley - so why not bigger better startups? (Australia VC Fund)


SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Baby Unicorn 

$877 Million

SecureDocs customer Inogen’s stock has nearly tripled since their IPO several years ago. Inogen used  SecureDocs for its IPO and continues to use it as a secure corporate repository for all signature documents and sensitive information. CFO Ali Bauerlein tells her unique startup in a dorm room story here, and why she chose SecureDocs ease of use and cost advantage over competitors here.


SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Insights



In addition to restricting who sees what in their SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, SecureDocs users restrict those with access to View Only No Download so that information on HR, Financials, Legal Disputes, and Trade Secrets can be shared, but not downloaded or taken by the user from the room.



That's how much SecureDocs customers have either raised or sold their companies for using SecureDocs Virtual Data Room this year!


SecureDocs Weekly Resource Wrap up 

Blog Recap

Dropbox Vs. Virtual Data Rooms: A Comparison

As cloud storage solutions have become more and more popular, understanding what that means for the security of your business documentation is crucial. This whitepaper compares and contrasts the various uses for collaboration tools like Dropbox and Virtual Data Rooms. (Download Here)

Dropbox VS. Virtual data rooms