The SecureDocs team is excited to kick off 2020 with new product enhancements to improve your virtual data room experience. We’ve heard your feedback and have been hard at work designing, testing, and refining new features and updating some existing areas to better meet your needs.

The most noteworthy and substantial product update is the introduction of custom administrator dashboards, allowing for fast and easy insight into the most important activity within your account.

Two other upgrades impact how certain information is displayed within your data room, including the ability to customize the appearance of watermarks and choose how dates are formatted.

Learn more about dashboards, custom watermarks, and date format settings below.

Custom Administrator Dashboards

Gaining insight into your data room activity is now faster and easier than ever with our new customizable dashboards feature. This provides administrators with an at-a-glance view of all user actions taken in the data room, allowing for immediate insight into the deal process.

dashboard-screenshotThe Dashboard is made up of different “cards” and charts that provide a quick overview of important data room information including uploads since last log in, a summary of download activity, recently viewed documents, the most active users, the most viewed documents, and the most downloaded documents

So how do SecureDocs dashboards stand out from the competition?

SecureDocs dashboards are unique because they are entirely customizable by the user. Unlike some products that provide only a canned report and a standard set of information, the details displayed on SecureDocs dashboards can be completely customized based on the information most important to you as the administrator and your business. Additionally, users can switch between Summary, List, and Table view based on the level of detail you wish to see for each individual card.

Custom Watermarks

Personally-identifiable watermarks provide an added layer of security and accountability within your virtual data room. Now, admins can customize watermarks based on size, font, transparency, and layout of the watermark based on specific preferences.


Date Format

To better serve our customers, SecureDocs admins now have the option to choose between MM-DD-YYYY date formatting (commonly used in the US) and DD-MM-YYYY formatting (commonly used internationally). This gives users around the world a greater ability to customize your virtual data room experience based on your individual needs.

Contact us today to learn more about dashboards, custom watermarks, or date format settings, or if you have questions about any SecureDocs features. If you have feedback about any of the new features, you can let us know at

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