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SecureDocs Releases Features to Support Fundraising and M&A


We are excited to share a series of new features designed to enhance the SecureDocs customer's ability to track investor/buyer interest during deals as well as manage security settings more easily.

What’s Changed?

The Users tab is now split into two sub-menus with Users and Roles each displayed on their own dedicated page. This allows us to:

  • Display a lot more data about your Users and Roles 

  • Include new functionality

    • Preview Roles (see exactly what your user is going to see on log in)

    • Sort and move columns to help organize and analyze User and Role data

    • Export User and Role data to Excel

  • Provide a much improved experience for clients managing a large volume of Users or a complex set of Roles


How will the New Features Help Users?


Maximize your opportunity to engage investors. Preview User Roles to see exactly what folders investors/buyers will see, make sure you’re telling the whole story and not missing valuable detail. Ensure that the vision of your company you think you’re providing matches what the user will see. 


Increase investor/user engagement. Three invites automatically go out to users/investors over 2 week period to increase participation.

Track investor/user engagement status. Sort Users/investors according to invitation status (invited, email #1 or #2, accepted), or Last Login date to track engagement and take action.

Track investor/user engagement by role, or email address. Search function allows you flexibility to track and monitor groups of users based on common email address (in search box type in Microsoft for all users with MS extension), role template you have created to correspond to a team (e.g. if you have a role called Apple Team, Andreessen Horowitz Team you can select it).

Hourly and daily activity audit log emails automatically sent to your team. Ensure your internal team has tools necessary to act according to investor/user activity.

Provide Directors Excel Snapshot of User Status and Activity and Role Setup. Download 


User/investor invitation times out after 2 weeks. The invitation expiration ensures that a user/investor doesn’t access sensitive information after an event or leaving the company.

Preview User/Investor role ensures that administrators don’t inadvertently provide too much information that could compromise a company.

Hacker Security. User/investor 2 factor authentication column identifies who is protected from hackers and who is not.

Did you know? Over 50% of hacking originates from stolen username and password sniffing. 2 Factor authentication protects your company from outside hackers should a user’s email and password get stolen.

Unauthorized Investor/Employee Sharing Security Setup. Identifies which roles are enabled with watermarks traceable back to user to discourage unauthorized screen capture and sharing.

Did you know? Over 50% of companies are concerned about unauthorized sharing of sensitive company documents by employees and investors.

The changes we have made are not only designed to enhance user security and efforts around fundraising and merger and acquisition today, but to also provide a path to additional enhancements in the future to help our clients achieve the outcomes you desire.

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