SecureDocs has been enhanced with two new customer-requested features to help save time and further streamline the deal process. The ability to download a complete data room archive in one click, at any time. And the option to have all files and folders automatically alphabetized for quick, easy searching and viewing. Read on to learn more.

Feature #1: Archiving

You can now download the entire contents of your data room in one click, immediately at your convenience. Your deal is done and you want your data now, no problem. No need to call customer support to do the process for you.

Note: this features is available to the data room administrator only.

Organized, Complete Archive:

  • The archive will include the data room audit log, indexed folders and files

Extra Security:

  • The archive will be compiled into a zip file protected with an encrypted 9 character password of your choosing to keep your data secure
  • You will receive an email when the archive is ready and will be prompted to enter the chosen password to download the data

How to Archive:

  • Under Settings select Create Room Archive

Room Archive Feature.png

Feature #2: Alphabetization

Open a room or folder and at first glance, you can now see all your files in alphabetical order with the new auto alphabetization feature. This option makes it much easier to scroll down and find a folder, or document when you first open your data room or a folder.

Note: this features is available to the data room administrator only.

Try it:

  • Under Settings select Edit Room Settings and Turn on Automatically Alphabetize all Files and Folders



Stay tuned for even more SecureDocs enhancements- and if you have any ideas for features you'd like to see, we'd love to hear from you. 

And if you are not currently a SecureDocs customer and are interested in learning more, request a demo here.

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