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Expert Advice About Securely Storing Business Documents In the Cloud


How confident are you that your most critical business documents are safe on your computer? According to malware expert Giovanni Vigna, Founder and CTO of Lastline Inc., the software platform for security breach detection, it is common for undetected components to exist on your computer that specifically target sensitive and critical business information. So, if you store and share unencrypted business documents on your computer or though email both you and your company are at risk for a data breach.

There are several easy steps that you can take today to start protecting your business from cyber attacks, and they aren't complicated or expensive. The most effective of which is to start keeping your sensitive business documents in a secure cloud-based software solution. But how do you know what type of security to look for from a provider? 


Most of us are not security experts like Giovanni. So, here are a few features that you should insist that your cloud-based software provider offers with their services:


  • Two-Factor Authentication: This prevents illegal access should your password become compromised.
  • End to End Data Encryption: Prevents information from being hacked from an outside entity.
  • Off-site Backup for Disaster Recovery: Protects against hardware failure, theft, virus attack, deletion, and natural disaster

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room allows you to securely store your critical business documents safely in the cloud. Watch the video below to find out why Giovanni believes that using a paid service rather than a free service is both important and necessary, and why he chose to use the SecureDocs product for his business.