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The SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Platform Just Got Even Better


At SecureDocs we are committed to providing our clients with a solution that is secure, affordable, and easy-to-use. Today we are announcing that we have once again expanded our platform without making it more complicated. Now users can automatically view native Microsoft Office documents sans plug-ins.


So, you may be asking yourself- Why does this matter? Well, prior to launching this new feature if you wanted to view a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel Document in a SecureDocs Virtual Data Room you had to do one of two things:


  1. Change the formatting to a PDF, which puts you at risk for losing formatting that could be critical to the integrity of the document, causing it to lose value.


  1. Change viewer permissions to allow the document to be download, which is both a hassle for the viewer and most likely not something you want to do if the document contains valuable corporate information. (Remember the data leaks that occurred earlier this year at Uber and Lyft? They had private company financial information released to the public, all because an internal viewer was able to grab the information from their internal system.)


Aside from the inconvenience, hassle, and potential associated risks not having this ability may have caused this new feature will save users time, and time is something that is valuable to everyone. It also, gives users the ability to share a wide range of file types while maintaining strict access control over who is viewing their information. And the best part-this feature is automatic, and has been integrated seamlessly into the already intuitive interface.

“The ability to display native Office documents in the browser is a valuable extension to our product. With a firm commitment to keeping the product simple to use and adopt, we’re continuing to  build features that our customers ask for and we know will help them be successful. We avoid the kitchen sink approach, as most features in complicated products don’t get used and can take away from the experience.”

Will Reynolds

CEO, SecureDocs, Inc.


Virtual Data Rooms are traditionally known for being expensive and difficult to use, but they don't have to be. SecureDocs is proving that your virtual data room doesn't have to be expensive or clunky to be highly functional and secure.


We are holding the industry to a different standard, and have created a solution that people can actually use. Here are just a few reasons why our customers love us:


  1. Our simple user interface is so easy to use that it literally takes 15-minutes to get up and running, without training or any additional implementation fees.

  2. We offer best-in-class security features, with 256-bit symmetric encryption, offsite backup for disaster recovery and ISO 27001 certified data centers.

  3. Our unique and competitive pricing offers low, flat-fee rates for unlimited users and data making the solution make sense for companies of any stage or size.

  4. We offer superior support to all of our clients, no matter the time or day. You can reach us 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


From the beginning the team that created SecureDocs has been dedicated to delivering a solution that allows users to work quickly, efficiently, and securely. The SecureDocs solution touts an intuitive design, robust feature set, and stringent security measures, gaining regular recognition from the industry.

Contact us to find out more about SecureDocs, or try SecureDocs free for 14-days.