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The Top 5 Most Valuable Startups of the World


The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the U.S. and abroad. And, with the continued success of many well-known and plenty of other not as well-known startups reaching valuations worth billions or tens of billions of dollars, that eager drive to innovate surely will not dissipate any time soon. Granted, for every startup that manages to do well, there are countless others that do not have such luck. But, this should not deter anyone with a good idea, solid financial backing, and a willingness to work hard. Here are 5 of the most valuable and unstoppable startups currently making headlines:


With a valuation approaching $70 billion, Uber continues to be a startup superstar and there is no indication that things are going to change any time soon. It is interesting that Uber has managed to rake in so much capital from investors and yet is not yet generating the anticipated returns. However, with all of that cash available and its ongoing expansion, it is likely only a matter of time before it can turn things around profit-wise. Its ubiquity, demand, and admiration from a loyal customer base may eventually lead to higher prices and/or at least an explosion of profitable usage.


Airbnb just pulled off another massive funding round, and now has a valuation estimated at $30 billion. The company has had a few hiccoughs in some cities, and issues like legislative changes, fraudulent postings, and negative customer experiences are likely to continue to plague its image. Nonetheless, it is like Uber in that it has plenty of cash and big plans for growth, so it should continue to do fairly well for quite some time.


It looks like Snapchat, valued around $25 billion, will be launching its IPO in the very near future and it is anticipated to be one of the larger offerings in quite some time. This messaging service seems to be doing particularly well in light of its appeal to millions of millennial folks, and it is likely to become a marketing and advertising dream given that young people are its main users. Of course, plenty of celebrities also use the app, and it actually looks like it is pushing aside the previously adored Instagram.

Palantir Technologies

This data analytics firm is valued over $20 billion, and it is another successful business likely to go public fairly soon. The company offers an invaluable service to organizations and government agencies by helping them to make sense of troves of data. With the continued emphasis on collecting and analyzing data, this is a much-needed service that will likely only grow in importance in the coming years. Thus, it should be interesting to see where companies like this one will take data technology.


This is another interesting startup that is worth loads even though it does not exactly reap tons of money in profits. And, it may not be popular among the music artists whose music is streamed, but executives and producers in other aspects of the business are quite pleased with the way things are going and appear to be headed. As with plenty of other business ventures, the popularity and demand for a service does not mean that everyone is thrilled with its offerings, but changes in consumers’ tastes and expectations have required the entire music industry to review and revise its way of delivering to the masses.

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