Investments in the tech sector continue to be all the rage, with countless startups clamoring for venture capital funding and existing enterprises turning to the big guns in finance to guide them through extremely high value transactions. But, there are a handful of investment bankers, in particular, that have really made a name for themselves in Silicon Valley. Here are some of the top tech deal makers, although they are not listed in any particular order:

Allen and Company

This is an interesting firm to start off the list because it may not have the same status nationally and internationally, but this is likely due to its secretive and exclusive nature and not its lack of clout in the industry. After all, this is the team that advised Facebook when it acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion not too recently, and also had a hand in Twitter’s IPO. The firm’s ability to attract high value transactions while maintaining a fairly low profile just may be at the core of its appeal. And, the company clearly has a penchant for media, entertainment, and telecommunications deals, so its popularity in the valley is not all that surprising.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs may be at the brunt of a lot of jokes when it comes to bankers and the economy, but it continues to rank at the top of the list in Silicon Valley. For numerous companies, this bank is the go to for advice when ready to take a company public. However, in addition to advising companies on the IPO process and high worth mergers and acquisitions, they also extend credit, offer banking services, and have traders ready for those post-IPO publicly traded shares. Basically, the bundle of services that the company provides and the depth of expertise it brings along with that make them the whole package for the thriving tech industry.

JP Morgan

According to its very own CFO, JP Morgan is not just a bank but a “technology company” that employs thousands of technologists and is even “creating intellectual property.” Of course, in addition to creating technology, the bank invests billions in the sector as well. And, similar to some of its competitors, it offers all of the services and more that any tech company needing financial advice and funding would desire. Thus, between its own tech endeavors and its ability to serve tech firms, it is no wonder that it is a tech leader.

Morgan Stanley

Technology is so important at Morgan Stanley that in 2011, it created an Operations and Technology Committee to oversee any and all tech-related matters. This committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss its tech strategy and ensure that its tech investments are worthwhile. For example, at its most recent meeting, it delved into topics such as “Big Data, cloud, and mobile and social technologies – and how to invest in each to keep Morgan Stanley at the leading edge.” It is clear from its portfolio, strategy, and policies that it intends to be a pioneer in the tech sector and will be a prominent contender for quite some time.

SecureDocs Webinar April 2016