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Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the Leader in Public Cloud Security


Recent analyses of existing public cloud storage services consistently rate Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a leader in public cloud security. SecureDocs recognizes the importance of keeping important data secure and employs stringent security standards to ensure that client information is protected adequately. Here are a few reasons the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room platform relies on AWS, the industry front-runner in cloud storage services.


Globally Recognized

There is no denying the ubiquity of Amazon. And, despite its already impressive array of products and services, the company is continuing to expand its online service portfolio. With respect to AWS, its cloud-based infrastructure is currently offered in a number of countries all across the globe. Of course, in order to become and remain a global force, the company must ensure that it consistently delivers quality products. It clearly does so when it comes to providing secure cloud services, as evidenced by its global dominance.


Excellent Data Center Security, Network Security, and Security Certifications

AWS currently offers more than five security solutions, its physical data centers are highly secured, and it has a diversified approach to ensuring network security, such as segmentation, firewalls, and intrusion detection, among others. In addition, AWS has security certifications and attestations from independent auditing agencies. Receiving such certifications and attestations can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, so the company’s willingness to invest in this process is highly indicative of its commitment to providing services with the utmost security measures.


Large, Growing, and Satisfied Customer Base

The number of subscribers to AWS’s public cloud service solution is well over one million and growing. And, as AWS adds to its customer list, it ensures that the cloud service offerings grow appropriately as well to accommodate its many distinct users. With millions of subscribers to attend to, it is quite remarkable that the company manages to score well with respect to customer satisfaction and retention.


Superb Development Team and Technical Support Staff

It is pretty clear that AWS has a great development team. Otherwise, it probably would not have come become a global leader with a sizeable and satisfied client list. And, AWS does more than merely meet its many clients’ expectations; it tends to exceed them in terms of its online service and technical support offerings.


These are just a few reasons among many that AWS stands out amid its competitors in the cloud storage space and is the provider of choice for our online data room platform.